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Therapy Laser

-A.D. Coppel, DVM

Therapy lasers stimulate the body’s cells to promote healing, alleviate pain and inflammation, increase circulation, and relax muscles.Therapy lasers emit a pleasant warming sensation and most patients relax and enjoy their sessions. Most treatments only take a few minutes to deliver the non-invasive, deep tissue therapy. Typically, multiple sessions are most effective, so we offer special packages to help achieve the best results. Laser therapy is used in treatment plans for everything from post-operative patients to arthritis to wounds to ear infections to sprains and strains.

Laser therapy is a valuable pain management tool, particularly for older dogs with arthritis with compromised livers that prevent them from being able to take certain pain medications.  It is a great option for cats with arthritis or wounds as well, since there are fewer pain control options considered safe for them.  Cats typically can be a little more challenging to give oral pills to as well, so many cat owners appreciate this alternative option.  It can also be used in treating exotic animals that may not take oral medications easily.


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