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Ultrasound is a valuable diagnostic tool that we have at Newark Veterinary Hospital. The ability to evaluate inside the organs of the body adds a significant amount of information to the medical picture of each of our patients. We are able to perform the ultrasound in the hospital with no or minimal sedation. We have a specially shaped comfortable pad for them to lie in during the ultrasound and most patients just think they are getting a belly rub! For the ultrasound procedure, the pet's abdomen is shaved and the ultrasound probe is passed over the internal organs and images are saved throughout the study.

Dr. Houser received formal training through attendance at a 3-day Sound-Eklin Ultrasound Course in Arlington, Texas. She is able to complete full abdominal ultrasound and ultrasound-guided organ biopsy if needed.

We gladly accept referrals from other veterinarians in the area and can share the ultrasound report and any test results obtained with your regular veterinarian.


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