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Pain Management

english-bulldog-538485_640Newark Veterinary Hospital wants to alleviate as much pain and discomfort in our patients as possible. In an effort to bring you the highest quality care, we are dedicated to provide top notch pain management.

Should your pet require surgery, either scheduled or as an emergency, we offer comprehensive, multi-modal surgical and post-operative pain control.  Pets do feel pain and pain causes hormonal and chemical changes in the body that raise Cortisol levels, and can intensify stress, pain perception, and delay healing.

Animals with special medical needs, particularly older pets that have been diagnosed with Arthritis, deserve as much pain control as we can give them.  We offer multiple types of medications for arthritis, and we always recommend bloodwork to make certain their organs are safely metabolizing any medications we dispense.  If you would like to try a Holistic, drug-free approach to pain management, we offer acupuncture and oral supplements.

Please contact us today for an appointment if you suspect your pet is experiencing pain or discomfort.

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