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How to Keep Your Pet Entertained Indoors During Bad Weather


1) Stuffed Kong - A Kong toy stuffed with a healthy treat can keep your pet busy for a long time - even longer if you freeze the Kong. Try using yogurt, canned food or peanut butter and adding small treats, kibble or cut up carrots or green beans as something to work for.
2) Make your pets work for their food - Instead of placing all of their food in a bowl, make them perform tricks for his dinner. Another great option is to put their dinner in a food dispensing toy or puzzle feeder.
3) Bubbles - Dogs love to chase bubbles, so an easy way to get some exercise is to blow bubbles and enjoy watching your pet chase and pop the bubbles. Bubbles for children at non-toxic.
4) Rotate toys - Dogs can become bored with their toys. Put half of their toys away and rotate their old toys back into the mix every few weeks. This can make them more excited for the toys they already have with out having to buy new toys.
5) Teach your pet new tricks or brush up on old ones - "Find the treats": hide treats around your living room and do some basic nose work. "Pick up their toys": retrieve their toys and then use drop it command over the toy bin. "Name game": teach them the names of their toys and to retrieve specific toys. "Which hand game": place a treat in one hand and let them choose which hand it's in. Reward him when he chooses the correct hand. Play "hide and seek" with your dog. Help your pet brush up on old tricks that they don't use often like roll over or play dead are always good ones!

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