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geometrical-happy-new-year-card_1035-562016 is around the corner! Please be safe this evening and make sure our four-legged friends are safe from rowdy, late night dangers.

The first, most obvious danger is alcohol. Nobody should ever give an animal alcohol, but we will outline why. Cats won't willingly consume alcohol, but most dogs, especially most large breed dogs, will. Dogs have very low levels of they types of liver enzymes we have that help break down things like alcohol and drugs. This is why human drugs and alcohol are so dangerous to pets. Even low levels of alcohol stay in the bloodstream for a long time and can cause dangerous intoxication. If your pet should get into alcohol please contact us or our recommended Emergency partner immediately.

Loud noises, fireworks, and guns being fired can be dangerous to pets, mainly because they cause fear and panic. Make sure your pets are secured, with a loud radio or tv on as background noise. Stay calm around your pet and tell them it will be alright. If your pet has already been prescribed an anxiety medication by a licensed veterinarian for noise phobia, give the medications 30-60 minutes before the bravado begins. Obviously, keep pets away from fireworks and firearms.
We hope everyone has a Happy New Year and safe celebrations!

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