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A Day in the Life of a Surgery Pet

Have you ever wondered what your pet's day might look like when they visit us for surgery? Dr. Houser's kitten, Oliver, visited us for surgery this week, so we decided to document his day to share with all of you!

Oliver arrives around 8:30am and gets to visit with all the staff before hanging out in the hospital room, waiting his turn for surgery.

Around 11am, Dr. Coppel and Kole draw blood on Oliver.  They are running pre-anesthetic lab work to make sure he is healthy for anesthesia.

Oliver receives sedation medications at 11:45am after his labs come back perfectly normal, then has an IV placed in his front leg.  He receives anesthesia medications to make him sleep, then is intubated (has a breathing tube inserted from his mouth to help him breathe and stay asleep during surgery).

At 11:54am, Lindsay brings Oliver to the surgical suite and hooks  him up to monitors.  His heart rate, temperature, gum color, and respiration rate are monitored from the time he is sedated until he is recovered.  Once Oliver is being monitored, Lindsay preps his surgical sites by clipping the hair and thoroughly cleaning the areas.



Dr. Houser scrubs into surgery at 12:03pm and performs a neuter and umbilical hernia repair on Oliver while Lindsay monitors his vital signs.




After surgery, Lindsay uses our therapeutic laser to provide healing treatment to Oliver's hernia repair and neuter sites.  This will help increase blood flow, reduce pain and inflammation, and promote healing in that area.




At 12:33pm Oliver's anesthesia machine is disconnected, and he begins his post-op process.  He is monitored carefully by Lindsay and is snuggled under a warm blanket while he begins to wake up.



By 12:38pm Oliver is snuggled up in Dr. Houser's arms, beginning to wake up.




Oliver is back in the hospital room, enjoying his lunch by 12:46pm.  One hour and 45 minutes after his blood was drawn, he's fully recovered and ready to enjoy his lunch before a nice long afternoon nap.  He remains in the hospital until 5:30pm when he goes home with Dr. Houser.  He receives lots of extra cuddles from her children, Shannon and Drew, while he heals from his surgery.  He wears an elizabethan collar (the cone!) for ten days until his sutures are removed.

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