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Abandoned and Injured Wildlife

We often receive phone calls regarding how to handle wild animals that clients find orphaned or abandoned.  The first and foremost thing to realize is this: just because you see a baby animal that looks "abandoned" - it likely is not.  Unless the animal is bleeding, has a visibly broken bone, has been audibly crying for more than a day or looks to be comatose or covered with larvae, the best thing to do is to LEAVE it where it is.  If it is in a dangerous location and you can safely move it a short distance without being scratched or bitten, then move it swiftly and then leave - don't stick around to see what happens.  Your presence - or that of your own pets, is the biggest deterrent to the animal finding its family again.  IF the animal is injured visit wildohio.gov/staywild for a list of permitted wildlife rehabilitators for treatment.  For more information on preventing and caring for injured wildlife please visit The Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife website at wildohio.gov.

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