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Heartworm Disease, Testing, & Prevention - Heartworms are transmitted from animal to animal by mosquitoes. When a mosquito bites an infected animal, young heartworms enter into that mosquito’s system. When this mosquito takes its next blood meal, the heartworms are transmitted to this animal. Within six months the young heartworms mature into adults. During the first three months, the larvae migrate […]
Dental Health: What Pet Owners Should Know - A.D. Coppel, DVM Good dental hygiene is just as important for our pets as it is for us humans, but it is often overlooked in our pet’s health. Periodontal disease starts out as a bacterial film called plaque. Initially, plaque is soft and brushing or chewing hard food and toys can dislodge it. Plaque can then […]
A Day in the Life of a Surgery Pet - Have you ever wondered what your pet’s day might look like when they visit us for surgery? Dr. Houser’s kitten, Oliver, visited us for surgery this week, so we decided to document his day to share with all of you! Oliver arrives around 8:30am and gets to visit with all the staff before hanging out […]
Heartworm Awareness - I thought I’d start this blog by saying “It’s officially spring and time to get concerned about Heartworms again,” however; I immediately stopped myself.  Mosquitoes, the vector (meaning the carrier and the way you can get the illness) of Heartworms do not die outside unless there is a hard frost.  Though we did have a […]
Fleas and Ticks - Spring is coming, and it has been a very wet and warm winter here in Ohio.  Since the beginning of the year we have diagnosed almost a half a dozen cases of tick-borne disease already!  If your pet isn’t on flea and tick prevention, now is the time to re-start it!  We recommend it year-round […]
Canine Distemper - The Franklin County Dog Shelter has had to euthanize fifty-some dogs in the last week due to an outbreak of Canine Distemper.  We would like to take a minute to share some information about Canine Distemper.  If your dog is current on vaccinations, hopefully this will greatly set your mind at ease. Canine Distemper Virus […]
Abandoned and Injured Wildlife - We often receive phone calls regarding how to handle wild animals that clients find orphaned or abandoned.  The first and foremost thing to realize is this: just because you see a baby animal that looks “abandoned” – it likely is not.  Unless the animal is bleeding, has a visibly broken bone, has been audibly crying […]
Dog Bite Prevention - We are a hair behind, but last week was National Dog Bite Prevention Week.  Our new website (we hope you like it and it’s easier to navigate!) gave us a hiccup, but we want you to have the facts because dog bites are a big issue in America, especially for our young and elderly populations! There are […]
We Now Have The Lyme Vaccine! - Did you know that Lyme Disease is an emerging disease in the Midwest? It can cause similar clinical signs in dogs as it does in humans, including fatigue and joint pain. Please call for more information or check out the following website to learn more about protecting your dog today:
We Offer Pet Portals! - Now you can request a refill of your pet's medication or food---even when our practice is closed! Simply log on to your Pet Portal via our website and visit your pet's individual record page. There you can review recent prescriptions and easily request refills.Don't have a Pet Portal yet? Sign up for one today! Just give us your e-mail address when you speak with us, or request a Pet Portal online.

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